I have been an avid follower of many blogs and youtube channels for years now. I first found my love in youtube tutorials learning tips and tricks on how to do my eye make up and hair. I then started looking at reviews of products and became addicted to read blogs to find  the best out there. Here are just a few of my favourites.

Pixiwoo Youtube channel 

I love Pixiwoo, They need absolutley no introduction.I started following them on YouTube years ago and have never stopped. All my eyeshadow techniques especially the smokey eye have come from them. I remember my first ever tutorial I tried to copy was the Leona Lewis Bleeding Love

Buy Now Blog Later

Laura has been fueling my shopping addiction since the days of her YouTube videos. I love Laura's style, it's classy. chic and fun. She is not afraid to try new things and is extremely honest about the outcomes. Her blog is versatile and includes outfits of the day, make up reviews and some lifestyle posts.

Karla Sugar

Make up swatches on websites especially sites like MAC are absolutely rubbish! I mean sometimes you have a row of MAC blushers on the website that all look exactly the same. This is where Karla comes in. She literally brings the make up counter on-line by taking swatches of entire collections on her arm and then taking a photograph in sunlight. She has swatched entire MAC collections and organises them by collection and colour palette. If you want to pick something up on-line or want to have a look at what the colour looks like 'on' Karla's blog is where you need to be.


Wayne is a make up artist and runs a great blog but even better YouTube videos. I have truly learnt so much about actual make up techniques and little tricks. They way I apply concealer has changed due to watching his videos. He actual talks about apply different techniques to different face shapes. He is also very honest in his reviews and techniques. Seriously check him out.

Keiko Lynn

I would love to own this girls entire handbag collection. Her style is something I love and she also does make up tutorials and tips. Her style is chic and quirky, even if she has a potato sack on she would pull it off and look amazing.

Mouldy Fruit

I absolutely love Zara from Mouldy Fruit. She is incredibly beautiful and her make up is always flawless. Most of what I own from MAC have come from recommendations from this blog and never once have I been disappointed. She is someone who really knows her products and how to use them.

Ring My Bell

Being obsessed with the serial Revenge (can't wait for the new season!) I instantly noticed Ashley's style and fashion sense. It was the scene of Daniels birthday party where she was wearing a red skirt and yellow top and I thought this girl has amazing dress sense. So I googled her and found the actress who plays the character also called Ashley has her own blog and equally amazing clothes. Seriously check her out and get ready to drool over her amazing style.

The Beauty Department

If you love Lauren Conrad (or are obsessed like me) you will know about The Beauty Department. It was launched by Lauren Conrad and her Friends. The site is amazing has unique posts, the layout is step by step tutorials. It is wear I learnt how to fish tail my hair! They have all sorts of unique new ideas and you read the posts thinking, oh I wish I thought of that. This is a must for any beauty addict. 

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